The 3rd International Conference on Material Strength and Applied Mechanics (MSAM 2020)

Online Conference, 6 – 9 dicembre 2020

Conference Program:

Il Prof. Salvatore Magazù è stato chairman della Oral Session 3 “Applied Mechanics” tenutasi in data 8 dicembre 2020.

Inoltre, ha presentato una lecture dal titolo:

New Approach for Testing Mechanical Properties of Innovative Materials Submitted to Stress Conditions (S. Magazù, M.T. Caccamo)

The aim of this work is to propose an innovative approach for characterizing, in the nanoscopic range, the mechanical properties, as well as their temperature dependence, of innovative materials, submitted to stress conditions, by means of different spectroscopic techniques. In particular, the proposed approach allows to measure a pseudo force constant, k, in order to quantify the mechanical resilience of materials used in the aerospatial field.